FHx Server Clash of Clans Intro

If you are an avid fan of Clash of Clans (CoC), you may have heard of private Clash of Clan servers exclusively for the game. Private CoC servers allow you to have unlimited gems, money, and some may even have unique soldiers and buildings. One of the most well known private servers is the FHx server for Clash of Clans – it is one of the most popular and well maintained private servers for CoC.

With millions of downloads on both AppStore and Google Play and consistently one of the most played games on Android and iOS devices, Clash of Clans is indeed a powerhouse of an app. Since the game’s release in 2012, CoC has dominated the charts and climbed to the top of the list of the highest grossing apps today. Unfortunately, fortifying your base and battling it out with other players means that you have to spend a lot of time and huge amounts of money to be one of the greatest in the game. For others, they decide to simply quit the game because it is impossible for them to beat the other players or even reach a high level without paying.

If you’ve been feeling like giving up on the game because you think you are not progressing, the FHX Server Clash of Clans may be the solution you are searching for. Before I talk more about COC FHX, I will first give you more details about private servers.

What is the FHx Server and other Private Servers for CoC?

FHX server COC and other private servers out there are designed to make your life as a Clash of Clans participant better and easier. If you think it’s impossible for you to get to the top and experience what it’s like to have a maxed out Town Hall, resources, and troops, you’ve got it all wrong. With a private server, you can have these advantages and more!

COC FHX and other private servers out there are easy to install and use. One thing that you have to know about them is that the creators of the game (SuperCell) are not huge fans of these servers. After all, if you use a private server, then you’re not using their server and are not paying them by either seeing ads, participating in errands to get gems, or buying gems and elixir directly. Supercell has been known to ban players that are caught using a private server, so make sure you erase the original Clash of Clans from your phone before following the instructions below.

Once you have played with a private server, it will be hard to come back to the original game since you will love playing with unlimited resources, including gold and gems – something you can never have with the real CoC.

Private servers for CoC have an APK file that you will need to download to your device. You can install it and play right after, whether you use a smartphone or a tablet. Years ago, private servers needed you to jailbreak your Apple device or root your Android. Thankfully, you can now start playing on the private server without such a requirement.

What are the Benefits and Features of the CoC FHx Server?

FHX Server Clash of Clans has many features that every CoC player will love. If you are a hardcore player and it is the first time that you will use a private server for the game, you will appreciate the features of FHx Server. Unlike with the real app, you can get resources on FHx all for free. After installing, you will instantly get 800 million of the following:

Dark Elixir

You also have millions of troops that you can use to attack other players. Yes, you can find numerous other players when you join FHx. It is a secure and fast server that promises to have minimal downtime. Modification is allowed in the game, and you get to build your towers without waiting at all. Everything is instant.

The army camp can hold up to 500 troops for each. What is unique about this server is that you can create custom buildings that you cannot find in the original game. For instance, you can build a P.E.K.K.A tower, or other troops in the game, such as goblin, giant skeleton, and more. Even the Barbarian King can have his own tower.

This private server for Clash of Clans will also let you create heroes based on the current characters in the game. For instance, you can have a Dragon King, a Valkyrie Queen, Minion King, or a Lava King.

Risks of Using the FHx Server (and all Private Servers)

Before you download and install FHX server COC or any other private server for that matter, it makes sense that you know about the risks involved. The days about the horrors of getting hacked when you use a private server are over. FHx and most other major private servers are safe and secure.

Just like the original game, CoC servers are mostly free, but it is addicting to play when you have unlimited gold and high-level troops. Some players eventually end up paying for premium features in the private server, although you can still enjoy the benefits without shelling out money.

Instructions on How to Use the FHx Server for CoC

Before you download FHx in your Android device, you should first make sure to erase the real version of Clash of Clans. You will also need to meet the minimum requirements to run the APK:

At least 4.0.3 Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Enough space for the APK, which is approximately 85.6 MB

You should also be willing to accept the following permissions so you can install and run the game:

Media access
Read identity of the phone and status
Get your call and device ID details
View your WiFi connections

Note that you can play FHX server on Apple devices as well. If you want to play on desktop, you should install an Android emulator first, such as Bluestacks.

To start your FHx experience, download the APK (again, it’s very important to erase any other versions of Clash of Clans, especially the real one – otherwise you may get caught and banned by SuperCell). You have a few choices here, including:

Server X: Allows you to create heroes and buildings with access to everything on the store for free.
DSG and SG: Same with the original game but everything is unlimited where DSG has modified graphics and textures while SG is a modification of the simulation.
Server A and B: Unlimited resources, heroes, and buildings. Server B offers more customization than A.

Once you have downloaded the APK, go to the folder and tap on the file to install it. Remember that you have to turn on the “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources” on your mobile phone. If you cannot install the APK, you probably have this option still unchecked. Be sure to enable it in the security settings of your phone.

The latest version now includes 800 million resources each from gems to dark elixir. Aside from the abundant resources, you will start at level 300 with all the traps and decorations unlocked. Plus, you gain access to gem packages that you can only use if you are a premium player at the original game.