Clash of Clans 2 Intro

The Original Clash of Clans
If you are unfamiliar with the mega-popular app-driven game known as Clash of Clans, then it is highly likely that you have been living in a cave or on a deserted island. Clash of Clans, released by the highly acclaimed video game publisher, Supercell, is a strategy based game released in early August 2012. The game is fantasy themed, where players take on the role of the village chief and attempt to build up the strength of their kingdom while defeating other players in one on one or team vs team battles.

Clash of Clans is still immensely popular half a decade after its initial release date. Supercell has done a wonderful job of continually updating and tweaking the game in order to keep old and new players continually interested and intrigued by the gameplay. With the game being such a global hit, the main question that most Clash of Clans players want answered, is will there be a sequel and if so, when will it be released.

Are The Rumors of a Clash of Clans 2 True?

For at least the last two years whispers and rumors have circulated around online forums, chat rooms, and online video game magazines. The good news is that there have been quite a lot of unsubstantiated claims from anonymous individuals close to the Supercell brand that have claimed proposals for a sequel are already being discussed within the company. The bad news, however, is that Supercell themselves are yet to give any form of a definitive answer as to whether or not they plan to release a sequel. It is not uncommon for video game producers to be extremely tight-lipped regarding future release plans, so just because Supercell isn’t discussing the idea does not mean they won’t actually deliver the sequel at some point.

What is The Most Likely Release Date For Clash of Clans 2?

The original Clash of Clans is now rated as the most popular app-based game ever released, and it continues to pull in a ton of new game players every day. With the original game still remaining so successful, it is unlikely that Supercell will even begin thinking about developing a sequel until they see a substantial waining in popularity for the first game release. They really have no incentive at this point, as the first release is still generating the company massive annual profits.

So the question regarding any prospective sequel release hinges mostly on when a likely dip in popularity will occur for Clash of Clans. Video game experts have chimed in on this very question and feel that the game is already starting to decline slightly in popularity, despite generating an impressive amount of new users. Experts feel that it will still take another 2-3 years before a dip in popularity is so big that it will shake Supercell into action to develop a sequel. With it likely taking the company 2 years to develop such a sequel, we could be waiting another 5 years or more for part two of the game, a fact that might upset anyone that has become bored with the first release.

Is it Possible That Clash of Clans 2 Will Never Be Released?

It is very unlikely that Supercell will not release a sequel. While the original release of the game offers unlimited future gameplay options and unending challenges, the game does only cater towards current and previous mobile OS capabilities. With advancements in mobile OS capabilities happening monthly, it is likely that the sequel will be released in order to maximize gameplay features with future mobile technology still yet to come down the pipeline. It is very likely that Clash of Clans 2 will feature a new game engine and platform that will cater towards future technologies that will allow game players to enjoy far more stunning game visuals, features, and performance. So, before you get depressed about the possibility of a sequel not happening, always remember, the original release may offer unlimited gameplay, however, its expiration will come by way of not being able to utilize future mobile OS technologies.

What Can Clash of Clans Game Players Do While Waiting For The Sequel

Supercell has done an absolutely fantastic job of keeping the original release of Clash of Clash continually updated with new in-game features. Every month or two they seem to release a new feature aimed at balancing gameplay or keeping old and new players continually interested in the game. So the best thing to do while waiting for a release of the sequel is to simply enjoy the original release of the game. If you’ve grown bored with the game then perhaps it is time to pursue a different game playing strategy, join up with a different clan, or try to challenge yourself in a way that you have not explored thus far. You can also simply take a break from gameplay for a couple of months, then revisit it after Supercell has released a bunch of new updates.